We understand what and how people want to eat because we spend our lives immersed in food day in day out. Our approach is quite simply to put the customer at the heart of everything we do, and we work hard to use the full power that food has to bring people together.

We work with key stakeholders, designers and clients to ensure our involvement meets our customer’s requirements; through additional engagement, research and collaboration.


We want our cafes to feel like independents away from the high street; foodie havens for our customers to take time away from their desks. Somewhere they’re happy to gather, feel inspired, spend time and be continually tempted to try our fantastic food. Vibrant, buzzing spaces that lend themselves to any occasion and become the social hubs in great work places.


A great experience drives loyalty, engagement and productivity. They cannot be forged in spaces built from a formula or a pre-defined package. They require and demand time, consideration and an understanding of the environment they are set in to be truly effective.