Gather & Gather Ireland have launched ‘Delivered by Gather & Gather’, a physically-distant workplace dining service which delivers across Dublin. 

Airfield Estate, Dublin’s only urban working farm and gardens, has announced its official collaboration with Gather & Gather Ireland on its food and beverage services from December 2020. 

Gather & Gather is a sustainable food service company which currently employs over 300 people in Ireland. The company is a leader in driving sustainable change to food service delivery and holds a three star rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) through its industry standard Food Made Good framework  .  The progressive nature of Gather & Gather sees them actively engaging with the Irish food community by supporting and partnering with local  growers and producers as well as on events such as Food On The Edge and Chef Network. They look forward to bringing these connections to Airfield.

Airfield and Gather & Gather will collaborate to form a unique partnership in the delivery of all Airfield Estate’s food and beverage services including Overends Kitchen, Stables Café, The Horsebox coffee bar, as well as public and private events and retail. 

Airfield sees Gather & Gather as a like-minded partner who is serious about food sustainability and whose existing philosophy pairs seamlessly with Airfield’s GLAS food ethos: Go with the seasons, Local for produce, Avoid food waste and Sustainably produced ingredients.

The food landscape has changed dramatically since the start of 2020, and this collaboration will allow continued adaptation of the services by providing more take out, dine at home, outdoor food retail options and facilitating a safe indoor environment for day and evening dining. Food education is also a huge part of the Gather & Gather ethos and they will support Airfield to continue its focus on food education through training and teaching events and workshops.

Gather & Gather bring with them a wealth of experience and excellent track record in food and beverage service delivery, and their multi-site food and beverage operations offer growth and development opportunities for the Airfield food and beverage and events team.

Grainne Kelliher, CEO of Airfields Estate said, “The collaboration will allow Airfield to continue to develop and grow as a Charitable Trust with a mission to inspire and enable people to make food choices that benefit people, planet and pocket, while at the same time help sustain our 38 acres for future generations”.

Pauline Cox, Managing Director of Gather & Gather Ireland, said, “This is a truly exciting opportunity for us . Our two organisations are aligned around what a great food offer looks like for a visitor or guest . Gather & Gather will continue to use the bounty of produce from the farm and gardens of the estate and also source from trusted local suppliers, to guarantee the high quality food offering which both Gather & Gather and the Airfield Estate pride themselves on.”

Overends Kitchen is due to reopen December 2nd subject to government restrictions. For more information on the Airfield Estate visit For more information on Gather & Gather visit or follow them on social @gatheredireland.