Our suppliers share our passion for fresh, healthy food, and we take pride in supporting local growers within our supply chain. We are committed to sourcing our ingredients in Ireland where ever possible and this allows us to trace our food back to the farmer or grower.

At Gather & Gather, we think sustainability is all about action so our Sustainability Working Group is formed of individuals drawn from all areas of the business with a passion to make a difference and the autonomy to drive change. 

Testament to its success is our Sustainable Restaurant Association ‘Food Made Good’ three-star rating that shows customers we’re passionate about serving great quality food in a way that doesn’t cost the earth. The rating is based on a holistic assessment of our business, covering 10 focus-areas that consider society, sourcing and environmental practices.


We have Gathered together some of the finest food suppliers in the Leisnter region to create Larder for our chefs to buy their ingredients from. These suppliers are not just food companies selling us some of the very best produce around, but will also help us to continue to educate our chefs and develop their skills to the next level, keeping them motivated and excited about the job, ensuring that our customers have a great food experience.


We are committed to sourcing Irish ingredients wherever possible and tracing our fresh produce back to where it was reared or grown.

Our supplier network includes many SMEs, artisan producers of specialist ingredients as well as our national mainstream suppliers who all together support out regional client locations