We believe people flourish when they feel supported and are given the skills and knowledge to be brilliant at their job. We offer learning and development across an array of courses, activities and experiences and will give support and guidance along the way.

Our people are very important to us, they are fundamental for our success as a business. We believe that our team should have access to world class training and recognition, from face to face tutoring to online support and guidance. 


The barista journey is our own coffee training system. Covering all the knowledge needed from a professional Gather & Gather barista, from the perfect espresso extraction and dialling-in to the fashionable pattern of the latte art without forgetting the importance of cleaning and health safety. Once you will have completed the barista journey you will be awarded with the Bronze pin badge. 


Each year we will be looking for the most talented and passionate baristas to be trained up to become our barista champions, proud to wear the Silver pin badge. Barista champions are ready to take the challenge of the professional SCA courses and are awarded with the coveted Gold pin badge.


Chef development isn’t just about attending a couple of training workshops. It’s about the way we are and the way we do things. Our culinary training is supported by our Food Team Accreditation (FTA). FTA is about striving to be better and feeling empowered to do more. Not only should you be developed to be the best you can be, you should also get recognition for it. Like the Barista Journey,  FTA offers three levels, each with its own coveted badge: Bronze, Silver and Gold.